Enyo Ablordeppey, MD, MPH

Enyo Ama Ablordeppey MD, MPH is an assistant professor of Anesthesiology and Emergency Medicine at Washington University School of Medicine. She completed fellowships in Critical Care Medicine and Emergency Ultrasound at Washington University and completed her medical school and public health training at the University of Pittsburgh. Her research focuses on the gaps in critical care ultrasound applications, specifically procedural and diagnostic ultrasound, on clinical outcomes, clinician perceptions, patient safety, and hospital resource utilization. There are millions of central venous catheters placed annually which routinely require a chest radiograph for position confirmation and pneumothorax exclusion. Emerging literature demonstrates bedside ultrasound as a faster alternative to chest radiography, thus serving as the preferred confirmation for catheter use. When able to confirm catheter position, bedside ultrasound could decrease the number of unnecessary chest radiographs, decrease patient care delays, and decrease the need for additional cumulative resources for chest radiography (technologist, radiologist, equipment).

Her project for the MTIS program seeks to identify barriers in both implementation of ultrasound’s diagnostic capacity and de-implementation of the conventional modality (i.e. chest x-ray) when confirming central venous catheter positioning and pneumothorax exclusion. She aims to test simultaneous implementation and de-implementation strategies for an ultrasound-guided central venous catheter confirmation protocol that would change current clinical practice. Her long-term career objective is to become an independent investigator that conducts clinical trials as a diagnostician while developing strategies for organizational and clinician adoption as an implementation scientist.